React and Typescript

I do not use the built in functional component type React.FC because it forces you to always have the prop children. Instead I like to be explicit about what props go into each component, that way VS Code will give me a hard time if I try to add a child to a component that does not support it.

Transform or Format Components

When you only want to style some input or transform it.

import formatISO from 'date-fns/formatISO'

export interface DateProps {
	date: string
export function Date({ date }: DateProps) {
	if (!date) {
		return null
	const formatted = formatISO(date, { representation: 'date' })
	return <time dateTime={formatted}>{formatted}</time>


When you want to create a wrapper element that always will have children

import clsx from 'clsx'
import { ReactNode } from 'react'

export interface GridProps {
	children: ReactNode // VS Code will warn you if you use this component without children
	className?: string // optional posibility to add additional classes to grid
export function Grid({ children, className }: GridProps) {
	const mobileLayout = 'grid gap-4 grid-cols-1'
	const desktopLayout = 'md:gap-8 md:grid-cols-2'

	return <div className={clsx('grid', mobileLayout, desktopLayout, className)}>{children}</div>
I'm using Tailwind CSS in the above example